I am no longer posting new material.  I invite you to visit the archives to find a wealth of information on how to increase your self awareness. In Baskets you will learn that what you seek you will find. You will find the evidence to support your thoughts. In Worry v Problem Solving, you will learn how one is productive and the other is not. Boiling Point will leave you wondering if your adaptability to life’s situations is always such a good thing. How Much Does a Snowflake Weigh? will demonstrate how every little effort matters. Several Archetypes are introduced – Damsel, Gossip, Rescuer, Mother, Father, and the Saboteur. I hope your find something you like. I hope you find something useful. I hope you get to know yourself just a little bit better and find small ways to change your life.   ~Nancy

Awareness is Everything

Most of us go through life fairly blindly, doing the same old thing and getting the same old results.  Once we learn how to step back and take a look at what we’re doing a tiny bit of space can open up.  And in that tiny space lies the potential for change.  In that pause, we can maybe choose to do something differently.

So these posts offer ways of seeing that you may not have thought about before.  You may find something useful.  If so, try it out.  You see, that’s the thing, you have to try it.  Thinking about something doesn’t necessarily lead to change.  That’s only the first step.  Let’s say, for example, that you want to run a marathon.  You may read books about training for marathons.  You might attend lectures, or talk to others on how they trained.  You might watch others run. You may even buy running clothes so you look the part.  But until you actually get up and RUN the chance of you finishing a marathon is pretty small.  You will have to run over and over and over, stretching yourself a little more each time before you reach your goal.

That’s what this is like.  Try something out.  You may not be very good at it the first time.  See what works; see what doesn’t.  See what you notice and learn about yourself.  See where it takes you.  It could be interesting…

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Liz says:

    Glad you started this blog I know it will be helpful to many!

  2. Mona says:

    Excellent analogy. I’ve got my shoes on…

  3. Satya says:

    So happy to see you are doing this, Nancy! You have so much wisdom to share. Love You!

  4. Louise says:

    This is a wonderful blog! I took to heart the opening of space in awareness. This opening can only bring light into this space and with this light – direction and fears dissolved. Love you Nancy!

  5. Helen says:

    Starting this blog is a perfect example of what you wrote in your post. Good work.

  6. tens58 says:

    Helen’s comment is spot on 🙂

  7. Bill Major says:

    Time is a serious thing, it seems when I ask about time ask someone the time they describe how their watch works, or don’t give me the time of day.

    I suggest we have as much time ahead of us today this moment as we did in the last fleeting moment.

    Time seems endless and eternal.

  8. Renee King says:

    I like 2 blogs that I’ve read and would like to receive them as you write them. Thanks

    • Nancy G says:

      Thanks, Renee. When you open up the blog to the Home page there should be a tab that says “follow”. If you click on that tab you should get an email every time I publish something. I hope you find some useful ideas here.


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